How To Tell If You Have Bedbugs

How to Tell if You Have Bedbugs

Bedbugs are insects that were almost unheard of following World War II. However, the banning of the pesticide DDT and increased overseas travel to areas where bedbugs are prevalent has led to a reoccurance of infestations in our country.

Bedbugs are small insects that are brownish-red in color, have long antennae and flat bodies, and feed on the blood of living hosts. Sleeping humans are their preferred targets, hence the name bedbugs. Most of the time, these pests live close to where they feed, which is most commonly mattresses. This video below gives a graphical representation of a bed bug feeding, not for the squeamish!!!

Bed Bugs In Action. - video powered by Metacafe


So, how to tell if you have bedbugs? There are several things that can tip you off:

First of all, if you go to bed without bug bites and wake up with them, it's probably bedbugs. These bites are often similar in appearance to mosquito bites, and leave red, itchy, and burning welts and bumps on your skin. Also, bedbugs leave behind evidence in the form of dried excrement which shows up as dark spotting on your mattress or furniture. You may also see spots of blood as well. In places where infestation is especially severe, there may be an unpleasant odor.

Once bedbugs have been spotted, it's crucial to take action. These pests can multiply quickly and have hundreds of offspring at one time. If left untreated, they'll spread from room to room and become an uncontrollable problem. This is why bedbugs are especially problematic for apartment buildings and hotels.

Frequent vacuuming of your mattress, furniture and carpet is one great way to prevent these critters. You can also steam clean your items. All bedding and plush toys should be immediately laundered. One way to prevent these pests from reaching your mattress is to cover the legs of your bed with double-sided tape or petroleum jelly. Bedbugs cannot fly, and aren't the best climbers, so these methods are often effective.

To get rid of bedbugs for good, you'll probably need the services of a professional. An exterminator will come into your home, inspect thoroughly for bedbugs and figure out exactly where they are. Once their location is determined, it will be time to get rid of them. There are a variety of ways a professional can rid your home of bedbugs, many of which are completely safe for children and pets.

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