Pesticides To Control Bed Bugs

Got Bed Bugs? Here's a List of what NOT to DO to Control Bed Bugs Effectively

Do not panic. You can control bed bugs with careful inspection and by using proper control methods. But first please note what not to do as set out below:

However please make sure you have bed bugs!!

Contact your landlord or a pest controller

First of all do not panic, bed bugs are very common, you are not alone and thye can be eliminated easily if you go the right way about it.

Always use recognised products with labels in English, if you do not know what is in the bottle DO NOT use it to kill bed bugs. Custom or homemade recipes are almost always not effective.

On the other hand do not use outdoor pesticides or garden, agricultural products as these are not designed for use in side and can be very dangerous in confined areas.

Some commonly used products such as paraffin ( kerosene ) or surgical spirit ( rubbing spirit ) are not very effective, smell terrible and are very inflammable. These are a large Fire risk do not use them.

Keep the bed bugs constrained in one area so DO NOT move furniture, bedding or soft furnishings to another room, this is the best way of spreading bedbugs in your house or flat?!!

Never apply any pesticide direct to your body it will at least in many cases damage the skin and may make you sick.

You may be advised to wrap thins in black plastic bags and place them in the sun, this does not work the bed bugs are very resistant and the temperature does not get high enough to kill them.

Do not just throw away your furniture, bedding etc as this will spread the bugs, treat these items first to kill the bugs. This is normally very effective and if done correctly you can keep your furniture with complete confidence that you have killed all the bed bugs.

On a preventative note do not keep things under your beds or the rooms really cluttered as these provide ideal hiding places for bed bugs.
A List of Pesticides to use can be found here.

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